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Properly Drafted Contracts Save Long-Term Costs

At Gregory and Adams, P.C., our attorneys craft each contract with the measure of your unique business function and your requirements for profitability.

We can help you when your business contracts require high-level, sophisticated or complex concepts to be clearly drawn up in a plain language in order to stand the test of clear interpretation by all parties.

Our contract lawyers are detail-oriented and provide essential contracts to help your business avoid future lawsuits and litigation expenses for vague or unlawful contracts.

For over 30 years, Gregory and Adams, P.C., has tailored custom contracts for a wide variety of business purposes crucial to the business’ success, including:

  • Procurement contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Sales of goods and services
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Vendor and outsourcing arrangements
  • Software licenses
  • Software as a service agreement
  • Franchises

Real Estate And Development Contracts

Businesses often need contracts of various types, from operating agreements to real estate contracts, which overlap into different areas of the law.

If your business has grown and you are seeking a new location, we can help you with your real estate contract from beginning to end.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for industrial space, or raw land to build a new bakery with an adjacent electric car-only parking structure, contact Gregory and Adams, P.C., at 203-529-1742 to speak with a lawyer.

You may also contact us to arrange for an initial consultation by completing our online form.

E-Commerce Contracts

We draft and negotiate web development, hosting and alliance agreements; review website navigation and content to assess compliance with consumer protection laws, privacy and e-commerce laws and regulations; and draft website terms and privacy policies.

While our firm is located in Connecticut, we offer legal services for businesses located in New York, Delaware and several other jurisdictions nationwide. Email our office, or call us at 203-529-1742 to discuss your contract needs.

Form Contracting Systems

Business organizations, most often procurement and sales organizations, often have a repetitive need for a particular type of contract. We help those organizations develop a form contract that not only protects them legally but also helps them “get to yes” with their supplier or customer more quickly. We have developed a proprietary process to take that business’ stakeholders through that process, including all parties in the business who have a stake in that contract’s outcome.

The end result is a form agreement that addresses all internal concerns and reflects to the outside world that organization’s business vision and resolve. Suppliers and customers are met with an agreement that confirms what they have been hearing from that organization and are more ready to sign and proceed.

While our firm is located in Connecticut, we offer form contracting system services nationwide. Email our office, or call us at 203-529-1742 to discuss your form contract needs.