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Business Law


At Gregory and Adams, P.C., our business lawyers provide services for all aspects of a business, including business formation and organization, operations, mergers and acquisitions, financing, regulatory and corporate policy development, and compliance.

With over 30 years of experience, our corporate department provides effective, efficient, experience-based advice to allow businesses and individuals to address the opportunities and challenges posed by commercial activities of all kinds.

Our firm excels at helping clients mitigate risk and forge successful relationships in today’s business climate, where technology, the internet and e-commerce have produced dramatic changes in how companies operate.

Structuring Your Business Formation And Organization

Whether you are starting your first business or your fifth, we can help identify what entity to use, we can form it for you, and we can draft the documents you need to organize, govern and operate your business.

We prepare:

  • Certificates of incorporation
  • Certificates of organization
  • Certificates of partnership
  • Other filings necessary to bring those entities into existence
  • Bylaws
  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholders agreements

We have extensive experience helping clients choose whether they should be a C-corporation, S-corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability partnership. Our corporate attorneys Derrel Mason and Vance Hancock understand the intricacies of business law.

Contractual Transactions Relating To Business Operation

All businesses rely on critical relationships with outside parties, whether they are its customers, distributors, suppliers or software providers. We draft, review and negotiate all varieties of contracts, including contracts for:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Franchises
  • Product distribution
  • Vendor and outsourcing arrangements
  • Software licenses
  • Software as a service agreement

We also provide related service provider documentation, consulting and stock option agreements. We have experience in employment, severance, independent contractor and employment contracts.

Transitioning Your Business: Mergers And Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to start out in business by buying an existing business, you are looking to transition out of your business, or you are buying or selling a product line, the right due diligence, documentation and closing are critical.

We have helped businesses in multiple industries do the due diligence they needed to understand the business they are buying, thoroughly document the transaction and make sure all ownership gets transferred properly while identifying the risks associated with the structure and mitigating those risks.

Working closely with our and other estate planners, we can help business owners prepare to transition out of their businesses by establishing a succession plan and/or buy-sell arrangements.

Regulatory And Corporate Policy Development

Your business will almost certainly be subject to labor and employment laws, and may be subject to regulatory oversight for such matters as:

  • Consumer protection
  • Privacy
  • Exports
  • License maintenance

We help businesses develop the policies to ensure they remain compliant with the laws, rules and regulations that affect those business, including drafting employee manuals and export, consumer protection and data security policies.

We have also helped clients obtain and maintain the licenses they need to operate their businesses.

Consumer Protection

If your business deals directly with the public or assists other businesses dealing with the public, we can advise you regarding the various laws affecting your obligations to consumers.

We help clients to comply with those laws in several ways, including:

  • Review of advertising copy
  • Drafting website terms
  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Developing data and privacy protection language for procurement contracts

Gregory and Adams, P.C., helps business and individuals with all aspects of successful functioning and important legal matters. Call 914-848-5000 or email us to schedule an appointment.

Financing Your Business

Businesses obtain financing in the form of debt and equity, and we can provide advice and counsel on a variety of investment instruments.

We can assist you in obtaining or providing friends and family financing right through complex secured lending transactions. We assist your business through all stages of a company’s balance sheet needs.

Additionally, we evaluate potential investment opportunities for businesses and individuals, identifying the legal rights and remedies available to an investor at all levels of debt and equity financing.

Multiple State Surveys And Legislative Monitoring

At Gregory and Adams, P.C., our primary client scope is in Connecticut, New York and Delaware. However, because we have clients from other jurisdictions, or with a national reach, we keep an eye out for changes in the law in all 50 states.

Our clients rely on us to research a specific area of the law in a specified set of states and thereafter create reports of any changes in that area of the law in each of the states.

We can monitor the law in 50 states relating to consumer protection or in advertising, for example. We keep track on a monthly basis whether a certain law of concern to our national business clients has changed in any state.

Commercial And Business Disputes

When contractual promises are broken, trade secrets are violated or unfair competition issues loom in your business, our attorneys provide effective business dispute resolution counsel. We have experience successfully representing corporations from publicly held corporations through family-owned and -operated entities with all of their business law disputes. We work hard to negotiate a resolution, but stand ready to go to court to litigate if negotiation does not yield satisfactory results.

Call Gregory and Adams, P.C., at 203-529-1742 for an experienced attorney. You may also complete our online form to contact our firm.