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Two things to know as Stamford officials propose zoning overhaul

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Land Use

Stamford, Connecticut’s Land Use staff are pushing to revise the city’s zoning regulations. The officials claim the current regulations are not a proper reflection of the city’s need to stay current.

Developers that are considering projects in the area are wise to stay abreast of the proposed changes. Two key updates to note include:

  • Increased protections for historic buildings. The changes include increased protections for historic buildings in the city. The protections are present through the use of a “Stamford Sustainability Scorecard.” Developers would provide information on their energy and water usage as well as other information to help determine the proposed project’s environmental sustainability.
  • Tightened restrictions for development downtown. City officials have increased development standards for high-density areas like the downtown community. As a result, approved plans will likely need to include parking that is not visible from the street, restricted floor area and a design that provides an “attractive environment.”

New city regulations are not a developer’s only concern. State and federal regulations have also increased the requirements developers must meet to manage stormwater run-off to better protect wetland areas and the ecosystem of the Long Island Sound.

Are these proposals official?

Not yet. The proposed revisions are currently up for review Stamford’s Planning Board. City departments will also have a chance to review the proposals before they are submitted for approval.

Developers can mitigate the risk of such changes impacting their proposed plan by completing due diligence before moving forward with a project. An attorney experienced in this niche area of law in this community can provide guidance.