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Legal remedies if a septic system fails

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Land Use

Septic systems allow homeowners the opportunity to live in areas that may not be served by a traditional sewer system. This can include waterfront and more rural locations. These systems must meet various regulations, including environmental compliance and local ordinances. A failure to do so can result in financial penalties as well as a potentially faulty system.

Severe damage can result if a system fails. The wastewater from the septic system could back up into the property or overflow and damage other, neighboring sites. In these cases, legal remedies may be available.

Legal remedies for owners

A homeowner may have a claim against the commercial business that installed or inspected the septic system if the company recently worked on the system. Review documents and bills to check and see if the company made an error. Also, keep records of all bills and expenses that resulted from the failed system.

Legal remedies for neighbors

Neighbors may also have a claim if the failed system led to wastewater damage to neighboring properties. This claim could be against the commercial business, property owner or both. Neighbors that find themselves in this situation are wise to keep copies of all bills and expenses that relate to the damage caused by the faulty septic system.

It can require a great deal of evidence to establish a land-use claim. These claims may also require navigating federal, state and local laws. As a result, it is often wise to seek legal counsel when attempting to navigate this type of legal claim.