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Four zoning situations that warrant an attorney

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Land Use

Land use is changing in Connecticut. The Blue Plan provides an example. Proponents drafted the plan to help protect the Long Island Sound in southern Connecticut. The plan is touted to provide a balance of protections while still allowing for future use and development.

The plan is not yet law, but the proposal serves as an opportunity to discuss when a land use issue warrants the use of an attorney. Four examples include:

  • Notice of a lawsuit. It is a good idea to seek legal counsel if your organization received notice of a lawsuit. It is in your interest to do so promptly, as time limitations often apply.
  • Considering a lawsuit. It is also wise to seek legal counsel if you are considering filing an action against a zoning board or to enforce an ordinance. An attorney experienced in this area of the law can review your concerns and discuss your options.
  • Looking to propose a change. An attorney can also help draft a proposal to change a current ordinance or regulation.
  • Complicated projects. A real estate attorney can also help to better ensure a complicated project runs smoothly. Examples can include projects in wetlands or near waterways, such as anything near the Long Island Sound.

Law, like medicine, has become specialized. As a result, it is helpful to find an attorney with experience in land use and zoning matters. Once you narrow down your list, call up potential attorneys and ask whether they have experience with your particular issue and applicable credentials.