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What situations may require a new land survey?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Land Use

If your property has the potential to generate a significant profit from its use, it is in your interest to have the most accurate land boundaries on record. It is possible you have a land survey already complete. However, if you are proceeding with a new development project, your existing survey might be inadequate.

There are certain situations when having a surveyor measure your land to create a new survey might be necessary.

Update old records

Your last land survey may be years old, even past one or two decades. An old survey might make references to landmarks on the property that have ceased to exist, which could create openings for nearby landowners to dispute the boundaries of your land.

A new survey should measure the land to account for the loss of old landmarks as well as the addition of new ones. You might even elect to put down new landmarks to define your property boundaries.

Locate natural features

Some land surveys are topographical, meaning they map out both human-created and natural features on a property. This can provide you with a look at any elevated areas, such as hills or mountains on your land, along with bodies of water, which may include ponds, lakes or rivers.

Topographical mapping can help you define the boundaries of your land, but it can also help you understand the environmental features of your property. This could be important if you need to analyze the environmental impact of any construction projects you want to carry out.

Prepare the division of your land

In some circumstances, property owners need a subdivision survey. You might decide to sell your property in individual lots, allowing different buyers to purchase your lots for development. Alternatively, you might have a commercial buyer who is only interested in a portion of your land.

No matter the situation, an accurate land survey may provide clarity when pursuing a land use project.